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I have been traveling on different lengths of trips spanning from 2 days to 9 months since I was a child. In college I started to think more about the most important contents of my bag and through my mistakes over time, I have perfected the contents of my suitcase. It of course is different depending on where in the world you go, but for this next trip I am going somewhere with unsafe water and variable temperatures. Many places in the world fit into this category so hopefully this is helpful for many of you and you can adjust where needed!

The key to any packing mission is having an at home digital scale to weigh your bag so you dont get screwed at the airport. As I am planning to buy many things on my upcoming trip I am going very underweight, but I bringing my digital scale with me to make sure I can get everything I need home and give away any extra things to people in need prior to going to the airport.

With everything I pack, I try to think of overall ways to decrease my environmental footprint while traveling. I bring a reusable bag to use for anything I buy including food. I bring plastic baggies for storing things I purchase or dirty laundry. I bring a water filtration system to have in my room to purify my water each day and fill my water bottle (which I carry on) to decrease my plastic use. I use Onsight Equipment products because they are mostly comprised of recycled trash which has been turned into different fabrics. I have organic cotton clothing made from Pact.

My adventure starts Sunday and takes me England, Egypt, Morocco, back to England, and then back to Colorado.

Contents of my bag:

1. Laird Superfood - I have a dairy intolerance and this only needs water to turn into a milk like substance. I tend to look for oats, cinnamon, and fruit when I travel (or sometimes bring the oats and cinnamon along) and then I know I can always have a yummy and healthy meal.

2. Laird Hydrate - it's important to always stay hydrated on the plane as well as while you travel. You end up walking a lot in the sun when you travel and its not always easy to fill up your water bottle. I filter my water and then add the electrolytes to it but bring my filtration straw along in case I can find more water along the way! The times I use this the most are at night and in the morning when I have more access to water and reusable glasses to drink from.

3. Lifestraw Water Filter Bag- waterborne illness is no joke and can ruin your trip. It's important to remember that if you are going to a country with unsafe water, it is usually unsafe to eat any fresh food or street foods as well. To decrease the chance of sickness, increase my water intake and decrease my plastic use, these Lifestraw filter bags are the best. I just hang it in my bathroom! Its also smart to use it for brushing your teeth! Just in case you do get sick, maybe sure you bring medicines like Imodium with you and know that Cipro might be needed as well.

4. Emu boots- warm, comfortable, easy to put on and off. Plus these are still made from actually sheeps wool in Australia! I even bought these where they were made :)

5. Scrubba- everyone needs to clean their clothes during a long travel trip, and sometimes even on a short one. This is a super easy way to do it!

- 2 different options. The version I have or the newer one.

6. Onzie yoga clothing. I bring a lot of this because its quick drying, easy to layer, and looks nice. This clothing is great for travel days and any physical activity. Some of my favorite current pieces include:

7. RX Bars- simple, filling, tasty, not full of a bunch of junk!

8. Onsight Equipment Travel Organizers and Secure Travel Products

9. Yoga Mat- jury is out on the best one. Any suggestions?

10. Yoga Block- I like to practice yoga every day and its even more important to stretch and exercise when you are traveling because you often sit more and eat more unhealthy.

11. Headlamp- just in case!

12. Travel scarf with hidden compartments for safety while exploring

12. Leggings- light weight, small, can be dressed up or down

13. Raincoat- to be prepared, this light weight option folds into its own pocket!

14. Plug adaptor/converter- if you dont have one, you cant use any of the electronics that you brought

Other items in my bag:

- my favorite teas

- UV protection sun hat

- small umbrella

- lightweight tripod

- toilet paper

- zip up fleece

- sweatshirt

- pocket knife

- toothbrush toothpaste and floss

- fleece gloves

- reusable bag

- microfiber towel

- stretchy bands for exercise

- I re used all the zip lock bags my Onzie clothing came in to bring for protecting toiletry items, food items, and for storing laundry or other items while im gone in a safe way. But in general I save any bags I ever get like this to use for these purposes and I will reuse these bags again as well.

- 1 bathing suit

- bras, underwear and socks

- one nicer looking top

- one full length nice looking one piece to wear to nicer places

- additional long scarf to drape over my shoulders

- 2 pairs of light weight flowing pants

- one long sleeve flowing shirt

- 3 tank tops

luggage scale:

and don't forget to put your luggage tags on your bag!

Everything else goes in my carry on which will be my next post!

Reach out if you have any questions :)

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