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In late 2019-2020, I made a huge change in my life path. I entered the world of activism and documenting activism. Most of it focused on the youth and how empowered they felt to be a part of something and to fight for the world they want to live in. But it has expanded beyond that. It's about people doing something. Not just sitting and complaining, not just protesting or yelling. It's about people creating action items, meeting with government officials, hosting press conferences where they discuss time sensitive issues that need to change and why. I am not only a part of this community but I document these people, because they WILL change things for the better.

Some of the organizations I have been working with include Surfrider, Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Kokua Foundation Hawaii, Zero Waste Oahu, Blue Planet Foundation, Aloha Harvest and Sierra Club. I am so proud to be in a community with these individuals and organizations that fight every day to make a difference. Comprised of men and women, old and young, of all different backgrounds, uniting for a common goal.


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