• Alexandra Simone

Carry on luggage

A lot of thought and effort goes into my carry on bag. For a photographer and someone who wants to stay healthy, the contents of this bag are the most important. Above you will see a travel blanket, neck pillow, computer and charger, phone and charger, Sony A7RIII with my 24-70mm, 70-200mm and my 2x extender, a ND filter, lens cleaning kit, charging devices, RX bars, a book, Bose headphones, Mack's ear plugs, eye mask, hand sanitizer, face mask for germs, sweater with a hood, external hard drives, spare Sony batteries, passport holder, Lifestraw water bottle, medication, passport. All of these things somehow expertly fit in my Peak Design camera bag! ( I later added a down pillow and a packet of wet wipes to the mix!)








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