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I dont normally spend so much time in one place but I have been in Hawaii since mid March and it has morphed into a second home. I have tried to soak up every aspect of this island, and while I still havent visited all the mini islands and tried every water sport, I have visited every neighborhood, every historic building, every farmer's market and nearly every botanical garden. I have explored so many areas on the island that I had never heard of but have now fallen completely in love with. I spent two months living on the north shore and 1.5 months living in town. I have explored much of downtown by bike and foot and will definitely have a hard adjustment once I leave here. All that being said, I am so grateful that I had the chance to be in this wonderful place for so long, meet some incredible people, and share so many memories. Here are some of those memories and I'm already planning my return :)

While living on the north shore I had my share of days watching surfers and sunsets

but when I moved to town my time changed towards gardens, hikes, culture, and exploring new parts of the island

Along the way I met a nice guy. He really likes taking pictures and suddenly I found myself in front of the camera- I place I have not felt comfortable for a long time. If his camera wasnt angled on me it was documenting the two of us. He forced me to work on my fear of being watched and to realize that just because someone is looking, doesnt mean they are judging. This is a lesson I should already know, considering I watch people all the time and take their picture. I am not judging, I am usually admiring :)

Of course, I had to take pictures of him too, but with his career he is actually ALWAYS in front of the camera and rarely behind it. I certainly didnt think I would be getting a lesson in camera confidence from him, but I sure did.

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