• Alexandra Simone

Oahu Video

My trip to Hawaii went by in a blur of climbing, beach days, photographs, teaching, exploring, eating and making new friends. I have never felt so at home in a new place with new people- I guess this is the greatest reason I decided to move there March 14, just in time to start the year 30 in a different place with a fully fresh start! While I was there I tried so many new things like scuba diving, electric skateboarding, one-wheeling, surfing bigger waves and even went for a ride in a 2 seater private plane! There were so many adventures I didn't even have time to take part in so it's a good thing Ill be returning so soon! Most of this video was shot on my Iphone because my camera is a little cumbersome. I look forward to getting my new Sony A7RIII in the mail shortly so I don't run into this issue again. I also plan to film A LOT more and make more of an effort to tell my stories through video once I am living there!

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