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Last weekend, I traveled to Roy, New Mexico with a few friends to get a break from the climbing projects that had been taunting me for months back home in Colorado. I needed something new and different, I needed to have no expectations of myself. Arriving in Roy, it was hot, most of the areas were flooded, and there were more mosquitos than I had ever witnessed in all my African, Asian and Caribbean travel. We were wearing pants, only had one water bottle each, and had no bug spray. Despite the friction dependent rock and the other obstacles we faced, we were inspired by the big, beautiful boulders and remained hopeful. Over the next three days, I climbed the hardest, highest high ball boulders I had ever tried. I overcame fears that would have paralyzed me in the past and I pushed myself mentally to a place I had never been. I felt rejuvenated and alive and despite counting 41 bug bites when I finally left and bottoming out my car to the tune of $300 on the poorly maintained dirt roads, I had a great time with great friends.

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