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I began working with LifeStraw over two years ago when they signed on to be a sponsor of my film at the time, Uncharted Lines. Since then, my relationship with them has grown into an ambassadorship and I have been proud to represent them on a public front. The first event I worked with them was the GoPro Mountain Games and this summer I will be representing them when I attend two of the REI Outessa Events: Oregon and New Hampshire. I have learned so much more about the core of the company and the products they make and are innovating in the future and I feel lucky to be part of this futuristic team!

This weekend I will be traveling to Mt. Hood to serve as their ambassador at the REI Outessa event. It's my first event of its kind and I'm pretty excited to see whats in store. I was just in Oregon last week with my dad and got to tour the area with him so it will be fun to return for a completely different experience!

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